All on-site registrations will be processed from 9:00-9:30am.  These players will receive a 1/2 point bye for round 1.

Teams may be as large as you want except, we only take the top 4 scores from each team.

Refund policy: If you notify the tournament director before 9am on Saturday you may have a full refund.  After that time, we will deny any claims.

Updated 11/21/23

2023-2024 Season

DateLocationEvent NameEvent TypeRegisterResultsPhotos
Nov 18, 2023Arlington, TXACA Fall 2023USCFLinkInd

Prize Standings

USCF Rating report

Team Results
Jan 20, 2024Arlington, TXACA Winter 2024USCF
Mar 30, 2024Arlington, TXACA Spring 2024USCF
May 11, 2024Arlington, TXACA Summer 2024USCF

2022-23 Season

DateLocationEvent NameEvent TypeRegisterResultsPhotos
Oct 8-9EdinburgTX Grade ChampionshipsUSCF
Oct 15EulessTrinity High School ScholasticUSCF & Unrated
Oct 22ArlingtonThornton Elementary ScholasticUSCF
Oct 22CoppellTexas Girls SuperRegionalsUSCF
Oct 29TX Scholastic Online Quick Open Ch.Online USCF
Nov 5ArlingtonArlington Classics Academy ScholasticUSCF Individual
USCF Report
Nov 12-13National Online Scholastic Quick Championships (K-12)Online USCF
Dec 10Wedgwood Middle School Scholastic (Ft. Worth)USCF & UnratedIndividual
USCF report
Jan 14Ridglea Elementary SchoolUSCF & UnratedRegisterIndividual

Team Standings

USCF Report
Jan 20RichardsonUTD Scholastic Series #1USCFRegister
Jan 21ArlingtonArlington ScholasticsUSCFclick here
Jan 21Frisco64 Squares
Saturday Superstars
USCFRegister Here
Jan 27RichardsonUTD Scholastic Series #2USCFregister
Feb 4held at ACA!Region II ChampionshipUSCF & Locally ratedKnight Club RegistrationUNR Ind Standings

UNR Team Standings



USCF Rating Report
Feb 25LewisvilleRegion III ChampionshipUSCFKnight Club RegistrationTX Reg III Individual Results

Team Standings

USCF Rating Report

Mar 3-5McAllenTX SuperStateUSCFTX SuperState 2023Results
Mar 23McKamy Elementary SchoolUSCF & Unratedclick here
Mar 25ArlingtonArlington ScholasticsUSCFregister here
Apr 15ArlingtonArlington ScholasticsUSCFregister here
Apr 22SouthlakeTX IndividualsUSCF
Apr 21-23AustinNational MS (K-8)USCFNational Middle School Ch
May 12-14Baltimore, MDNational Elementary (K-6)USCFregister here
May 27IrvingK-12 Scholastic at Texas State & AmateurUSCFK-12 Scholastic
Jun 17ArlingtonArlington ScholasticsUSCFregister here
Aug 19ArlingtonArlington ScholasticsUSCFregister here
Sep 30LewisvilleTexas TeamsUSCF


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